• Prestone Antifreeze/Coolant Tester

    A professional do-it-yourself tester that easily tests for anti-freeze/anti-boil protection. Allows visual inspection for rust and sediment.

    1. Test when engine is cool.
    2. Draw up fluid, inspect. If rusty or dirty, drain, flush and refill cooling system.
    3. Pointer must be totally immersed. Fluid should be level with horizontal line at top of tester. Tap to dislodge air bubbles. Pointer shows degree of protection.

    To clean tester, flush with hot water.

    It is important to maintain your antifreeze/coolant at the proper concentration to provide good corrosion protection as well as prevent freeze-ups and boil-overs. This tester provides a quick and easy method to safely collect a sample and measure coolant concentration. It also allows a visual inspection of the antifreeze while you test it. This is a low-cost way to check the condition of the antifreeze/coolant in your vehicle.